That’s All Folks

This last day of 2013 hasn’t been bad. I am so happy to be home. I would have healed much better here at my Columbia home if that had been possible.

I washed 3 loads of clothes today, hung and put away. That made me feel more normal.

I laid on the bed with the puppies a lot getting so much dog love! That always makes me feel great.

That one infected looking tube didn’t hurt near as much today. The doc says its not infected but it hurts like hell. But today, it was much better.

No narcotic pain relievers today. I did take aleve a couple times.

I took my last arixtra shot this morning 🙂

I also showered, fixed hair and put on make up and clothes. Kevin and I went to dinner tonight at one of our favorite places. I did eat too much and now swollen stomach! Lesson learned??

Good bye 2013…bring it 2014!


Slowly and Emotionally

I ran out of time to make a journal entry yesterday. I had a pretty good day yesterday. Kevin and the dogs left at lunchtime to go back home to Columbia. I was crying when they left. I felt good and actually normal for the first time since the surgery. I cleaned apartment, went for a couple walks outside.

I even had a better appetite yesterday. I get hungry quickly and fill up fast. That’s not bad…I hope that weird change stays!

Daniel spent the night with me and that always makes me very happy. He makes me happy in ways that no one else does. His dad didn’t bring him over until later. I made him dinner and we watched Harry Potter.

He has been freaked out by my drains but last night he even helped me measure the output of the drains! He asked questions and was very curious. He said he might be a nurse or doctor one day. 🙂

He ate so much of Popeye’s (Kevin) spaghetti. Anyway, Daniel and I slept until 6 and got up waiting for his mom to take me to the Dr. appointment.

We watched SpongeBob until she came. It’s so cold outside!

The doctor thought things were doing well but he did NOT remove another drain which I prayed for. I almost cried. He said it still had too much output to remove. My next appointment is Friday at 2.

Kevin is coming to get me tonight to take me home. I will drive back on Friday afternoon for that appointment.

For now, I’m so emotional over missing Daniel that I am crying like an idiot. Daniel makes my heart so happy.

I’m so much more emotional yesterday and today.  I guess from the trauma of the surgery.




Almost Human

A much better day….thank god. I know it helps having Kevin here because there is no doubt that me getting up from flat on the bed is tramatic for my body.

I still don’t have an appetite but I did go to Steve’s on the Hill and ate a delicious Chicago Style Hotdog! I am having strange irresistible cravings. Yesterday it was a chicken salad sandwich with potato chips??? Weird?

We went to Soulard market and walked around. I was very slow and tired but it did good things for me.

Another odd thing, my body is 5 times more sore than the day when I got out of the hospital. I mean sore as if I was hit by a truck. Sore on my legs, buttocks, arms, stomach, neck. I really mean it, the kind of sore that you get if you are in a car accident.

The doctor said yesterday that I might not see sustained improvements until the 3rd week. Maybe my skin and muscules are trying to reattach or settle in…hell I don’t know.

Kevin and I walked to the store to get dog food and coffee. Being in the city, we didn’t want to loose our good parking spot! hahaha

I started my antibiotics today for bacteria infection. I’m hopeful that only improvements from this time forward.

A confession…..I have not looked at my new body yet. I can tell its smaller but I am so swollen and tubes hanging out make me uneasy about looking at it. Maybe I will weigh tomorrow and look myself over.

Later tonight felt terrible, fever back up and one of the drains is leaking and very painful. So I spent some time arranging the drains and padding them for comfort. I cleaned everything and put on boxers. And had a BM! I feel better. The drain care was worth it. I need to remember that.

Kevin made Italian spaghetti and meatballs with locatelli cheese in the meatballs. He’s a genius with food! I couldn’t eat my usual portion but I ate enough. Delicious!

I’m comfortable and that feels good but I look bad like a meth addict! Stringy hair, sloppy clothes and no makeup. 🙂

Still having problems with constipation…whine, whine, whine! lol



Day from Hell

I woke up very sore and sick this morning. My temperature was registering 102. Allison and Daniel came over to take me to doctors appointment. He gave me an antibiotic and another prescription for Percocet. I guess he could see I was gonna need them! I got very nauseous in the doctors office and when he took out one of my tubes, I almost fainted. That area of my body is so tender. I was disappointed that he only took out 1 drain but said he may take it out Monday morning.

I came home and took pain meds and laid on the couch all day with a fever.

Yesterday I felt great…today I felt like I was dying.

Kevin and the dogs are back in STL so I feel so much better.

My son came over and visited a couple hours tonight and that was nice.

One Week Later….

I always expect that I can overcome things quicker than most people. I’m arrogant in that way.

Maybe that’s why I’m disappointed that I haven’t recovered quicker from this. It’s only 1 week since the PS cut me in half..twice! lol

So far besides the drains, the worse thing is that after I sleep, I’ve so very sore when I wake up that I can hardly move. That gets better as I move. It took me a while to get out of bed this morning. Getting up from laying flat down is almost impossible.

I went for a walk. I look homeless! Big clothes, moving slowly, no make up…bad hair. I walked a long way this morning and got a bit nauseous before I got home.

I got a shower and that’s no easy thing with drains all over! lol I took a pain pill and now laid up on the couch watching a Godfather Marathon.

I enjoyed my nice and quiet day. I had 3 walks and 2 of them felt incredible. I don’t have much of an appetite but did get in 75 grams of protein.

I did take pain meds a few minutes ago. I’m just hanging on the couch still watching the Godfather!

Doctor in the morning….I pray he removes a couple of the tubes.

Hey, I had a nice bowel movement this morning! Go ME! lol

Cold Blooded

It dawned on me that I can’t get warm because of the blood thinner injections that I take daily.

I finally had a bowel movement which made me feel so much better. Still hate the drains. By far that is the worse thing about this.

Kevin went back to Columbia so I am alone in St. Louis until Friday night. I’ve walked outside several times today and though it makes me tired, it makes me feel better.

I will just lounge around on the couch and watch TV.

Streets are empty in St. Louis.

Merry Christmas!

5 days

It’s been 5 days since surgery and I feel sick and depressed. I’m running a fever and I think I have a cold. It’s been 6 days since I had a bowel movement so I feel full and miserable.

Kevin is going back to Columbia tomorrow and back to work. I’m afraid to be by myself but don’t want anyone else’s help.

I’m going to get a shower soon. Hope that helps my spirits.

I’m still taking Percocet and should be past that.

Feeling Crappy

I haven’t felt well today or tonight and a bit of fever. Had follow up doc appointment today and he took bandages off my arms and did not remove any drains. Arms are hurting and he cut much lower down that I thought he would. I haven’t had a BM since right before surgery on Thursday and I’m taking stool softeners. I’m swollen and bloated.

Hope tomorrow is better.

Needles and Drains

It’s been a little over 2 days since my surgery was complete. It did take 6 hours but they did my arms and body lift.

I’m walking around good but getting up off couch or bed is still pretty painful. My backside is numb. Many people said the drains wouldn’t hurt but that is the worst part to me so far. My lower tummy is very tender and that’s where 4 drains come out…actually right on my pubic area!

My arms are doing well but they are still bandaged. I think he will remove those at my appointment tomorrow. I want a good shower. My hair is a mess and I am using baby wipes to keep my skin feeling cleaner. Once I get that shower, I believe I will feel normal.

So far, I am happy with what I see but with the drains coming out, it’s hard for me to know how I look. I do know there is no muffin top!

I want to do everything I can to heal quickly and correctly but I did not get enough protein yesterday. I am not eating much. I will be better today and try to get in healthy protein.

Today, I gave myself my first shot. It wasn’t that bad. I was just nervous that I wouldn’t do it right.

I smell bacon cooking in the kitchen! I love Kevin.

Peyton and Eli realize that something is wrong with me. Yesterday, they wanted to jump on me to greet but Kevin kept them down.

Especially Peyton always seems to know something is wrong with me. He doesn’t want to leave my side. He is sitting on the couch with me as I’m typing.

I woke at 4 this morning needed to walk, pee and empty drains. Peyton snuggled with me on the couch til I went back to bed.


I went for a 25 minute walk outside. I could have done more but didn’t want to push it. I’m feeling more normal everyday except for the drains.
Managed to wash my hair! Yea! Now, I feel normal.

I am very swollen and my stomach feels like a brick wall. I am constipated also. I am not regular anyway but I haven’t had a bm since Wednesday even though I’m taking laxative prescribed by Dr. Maybe tomorrow!

Comfortably Numb

I can’t believe it’s over after all these months of waiting and stressing. I have a flat tummy, small waist and arms….and I believe my boobs are smaller! Wait, I didn’t want that. 🙂

Yesterday wasn’t too bad but today I hurt all over. Maybe it because I am moving around a lot more plus the car ride home.

Also, one nurse told me that I have no ass! lol Didn’t want that either. HA

I have not had any nausea and am walking good. I have a good appetite but don’t feel like eating much due to my stomach feeling so tight.

Kevin has been a god send to me. I really owe him something special when I am over all this.

I am swollen in most places. I can tell it in my thighs, stomach and hands. Dr Boswell said that would get better day by day.

Today, my PS told he was the best at circumferential body lifts…I love confidence. He said he likes doing them the most because they really change people’s lives. That’s what Im hoping for.

I want a shower so bad but can’t get arm bandages wets. I am just doing the best I can to not look nasty! lol

Percocet is my Savior! Kids came over last night for Daniel and Sadie to open Christmas presents. Daniel made out like a bandit!

Daniel saw my drains and said they were disgusting! He’s right. So far that the worse part for me….that and being helpless 😦