Today, I feel so fat. I have gained a few lbs from my lowest point last year of 161 lbs. I am about 10 lbs heavier but I feel like I weigh 288 lbs again. I want this surgery to be over, me be healed and running my ass off on those roads! My right bicep and shoulder injury is key to the weight gain. I was a kettlebell freak! I looked awesome (except for loose skin of course). I want to get back to that level…I have to.

I’m a runner but not running. I am making excuses but it is cold and dark when I leave for work and when I get home.

(< 9 days to surgery)

I know the surgery will be a long recovery and a lot of pain but I hope it re-energizes me to get fit as hell

My day got a bit better. I went out for a while from work to Christmas shop a bit. I have so much to do before the surgery.

Gross shit! But 28 grams of Protein. Plastic Surgeon told me to increase protein to 75 grams before surgery and more after. It does help to drink these…not really that bad tasting and it saves tons of calories trying to get it through REAL foods! ~ 128 calories for 28 grams is not bad.


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