Smiles, Butterflies and Tears

We kept Daniel and Sadie while mom and dad talked to Santa yesterday afternoon/night. Daniel spent the night. That always makes me happy. I love him so much and he makes me smile, laugh, dance and sing! 🙂  Popeye (Kevin) made him breakfast, we watched cartoons. We played hungry, hungry hippos, made a craft artsy thing out of Christmas wrapping paper rolls.

I cleaned the apartment and washed the bed clothes in preparation for my surgery on Thursday. I think I have most things there that I’ll need. Kevin will be with me so I’ll be fine.


Daniel was very curious about my surgery. I told him I’d be ok and that since I lost weight I was going to have some surgery to fix loose skin. Honesty worked well with him. He is so mature.

Daniel liked to touch my loose skin on my arms and the once said he wish he had that! haha I told him I was getting it cut off. He said “you remember how I like playing with your arm? Just pretend I am playing with it in your surgery”. So sweet 🙂  He then asked “are they cutting around your stomach? Just pretend I am hugging you around your stomach during your surgery”.

He told me to pretend he was kissing my during my surgery. 🙂 I love him.

After we dropped him off. I cried like a baby. I kept thinking what if something happens and we never see each again and all he has of me is a memory. I’m his playmate.

I have to recover quickly so I can play with him like we always do. One of my worries is that I won’t be the same for him. I pray I will be better for him.

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