Less than 3

I think i’ve taken care of everything. I over think so much. That’s why I pack enough clothes for 2 months when I go on a 2 week vacation! 

I was very emotional yesterday as you might see if you read my post from yesterday. I have a a fear of death maybe greater than most. Partly because my dad died at 51 and my mom at 59. On top of that, my beloved uncle and aunt died recently from blood clots after knee and hip replacements….so yes, I’m scared.

But, I am ready to get this over so I can move on with my next worry! Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t do downtime well. After 15 minutes of laying on the couch, I have to do something. 

So I think the recovery will hurt me more mentally than physically.

On the other hand, I can’t wait to get my new body without all the batwings and muffin tops!

**Last night I was bingeing on graham crackers…not sure how many calories.
**Tonight it’s a piece of baklava

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