Flat Tummy!

I arrived yesterday for my check in time at 7:45am. That went smooth. I loved the warming blanket thingie they put on me while waiting for surgery. It looked like a blow up mattress with warm air piped in!

I was very nervous and by myself without Kevin for too long. They finally let him come back. I think he was more scared than me. I wasn’t as scared when they started that IV.

The Surgeon marked me up with magic markers and that took a while. Then back in the bed with nice nurses taking care of me. One nurse whispered in my ear…Dr. Boswell did mine and I love it! That brought a smile to my face. I wish I remembered her name.

They took me back at about 9:45am for surgery. Next thing I remember was waking up looking like a mummy and sore all over.

I made it great and now have a flat stomach and skinny arms! I’ll write about my experience later. I’m already
walking and peeing!


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