Comfortably Numb

I can’t believe it’s over after all these months of waiting and stressing. I have a flat tummy, small waist and arms….and I believe my boobs are smaller! Wait, I didn’t want that. 🙂

Yesterday wasn’t too bad but today I hurt all over. Maybe it because I am moving around a lot more plus the car ride home.

Also, one nurse told me that I have no ass! lol Didn’t want that either. HA

I have not had any nausea and am walking good. I have a good appetite but don’t feel like eating much due to my stomach feeling so tight.

Kevin has been a god send to me. I really owe him something special when I am over all this.

I am swollen in most places. I can tell it in my thighs, stomach and hands. Dr Boswell said that would get better day by day.

Today, my PS told he was the best at circumferential body lifts…I love confidence. He said he likes doing them the most because they really change people’s lives. That’s what Im hoping for.

I want a shower so bad but can’t get arm bandages wets. I am just doing the best I can to not look nasty! lol

Percocet is my Savior! Kids came over last night for Daniel and Sadie to open Christmas presents. Daniel made out like a bandit!

Daniel saw my drains and said they were disgusting! He’s right. So far that the worse part for me….that and being helpless 😦



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