Needles and Drains

It’s been a little over 2 days since my surgery was complete. It did take 6 hours but they did my arms and body lift.

I’m walking around good but getting up off couch or bed is still pretty painful. My backside is numb. Many people said the drains wouldn’t hurt but that is the worst part to me so far. My lower tummy is very tender and that’s where 4 drains come out…actually right on my pubic area!

My arms are doing well but they are still bandaged. I think he will remove those at my appointment tomorrow. I want a good shower. My hair is a mess and I am using baby wipes to keep my skin feeling cleaner. Once I get that shower, I believe I will feel normal.

So far, I am happy with what I see but with the drains coming out, it’s hard for me to know how I look. I do know there is no muffin top!

I want to do everything I can to heal quickly and correctly but I did not get enough protein yesterday. I am not eating much. I will be better today and try to get in healthy protein.

Today, I gave myself my first shot. It wasn’t that bad. I was just nervous that I wouldn’t do it right.

I smell bacon cooking in the kitchen! I love Kevin.

Peyton and Eli realize that something is wrong with me. Yesterday, they wanted to jump on me to greet but Kevin kept them down.

Especially Peyton always seems to know something is wrong with me. He doesn’t want to leave my side. He is sitting on the couch with me as I’m typing.

I woke at 4 this morning needed to walk, pee and empty drains. Peyton snuggled with me on the couch til I went back to bed.


I went for a 25 minute walk outside. I could have done more but didn’t want to push it. I’m feeling more normal everyday except for the drains.
Managed to wash my hair! Yea! Now, I feel normal.

I am very swollen and my stomach feels like a brick wall. I am constipated also. I am not regular anyway but I haven’t had a bm since Wednesday even though I’m taking laxative prescribed by Dr. Maybe tomorrow!


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