One Week Later….

I always expect that I can overcome things quicker than most people. I’m arrogant in that way.

Maybe that’s why I’m disappointed that I haven’t recovered quicker from this. It’s only 1 week since the PS cut me in half..twice! lol

So far besides the drains, the worse thing is that after I sleep, I’ve so very sore when I wake up that I can hardly move. That gets better as I move. It took me a while to get out of bed this morning. Getting up from laying flat down is almost impossible.

I went for a walk. I look homeless! Big clothes, moving slowly, no make up…bad hair. I walked a long way this morning and got a bit nauseous before I got home.

I got a shower and that’s no easy thing with drains all over! lol I took a pain pill and now laid up on the couch watching a Godfather Marathon.

I enjoyed my nice and quiet day. I had 3 walks and 2 of them felt incredible. I don’t have much of an appetite but did get in 75 grams of protein.

I did take pain meds a few minutes ago. I’m just hanging on the couch still watching the Godfather!

Doctor in the morning….I pray he removes a couple of the tubes.

Hey, I had a nice bowel movement this morning! Go ME! lol


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