Almost Human

A much better day….thank god. I know it helps having Kevin here because there is no doubt that me getting up from flat on the bed is tramatic for my body.

I still don’t have an appetite but I did go to Steve’s on the Hill and ate a delicious Chicago Style Hotdog! I am having strange irresistible cravings. Yesterday it was a chicken salad sandwich with potato chips??? Weird?

We went to Soulard market and walked around. I was very slow and tired but it did good things for me.

Another odd thing, my body is 5 times more sore than the day when I got out of the hospital. I mean sore as if I was hit by a truck. Sore on my legs, buttocks, arms, stomach, neck. I really mean it, the kind of sore that you get if you are in a car accident.

The doctor said yesterday that I might not see sustained improvements until the 3rd week. Maybe my skin and muscules are trying to reattach or settle in…hell I don’t know.

Kevin and I walked to the store to get dog food and coffee. Being in the city, we didn’t want to loose our good parking spot! hahaha

I started my antibiotics today for bacteria infection. I’m hopeful that only improvements from this time forward.

A confession…..I have not looked at my new body yet. I can tell its smaller but I am so swollen and tubes hanging out make me uneasy about looking at it. Maybe I will weigh tomorrow and look myself over.

Later tonight felt terrible, fever back up and one of the drains is leaking and very painful. So I spent some time arranging the drains and padding them for comfort. I cleaned everything and put on boxers. And had a BM! I feel better. The drain care was worth it. I need to remember that.

Kevin made Italian spaghetti and meatballs with locatelli cheese in the meatballs. He’s a genius with food! I couldn’t eat my usual portion but I ate enough. Delicious!

I’m comfortable and that feels good but I look bad like a meth addict! Stringy hair, sloppy clothes and no makeup. 🙂

Still having problems with constipation…whine, whine, whine! lol




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