Slowly and Emotionally

I ran out of time to make a journal entry yesterday. I had a pretty good day yesterday. Kevin and the dogs left at lunchtime to go back home to Columbia. I was crying when they left. I felt good and actually normal for the first time since the surgery. I cleaned apartment, went for a couple walks outside.

I even had a better appetite yesterday. I get hungry quickly and fill up fast. That’s not bad…I hope that weird change stays!

Daniel spent the night with me and that always makes me very happy. He makes me happy in ways that no one else does. His dad didn’t bring him over until later. I made him dinner and we watched Harry Potter.

He has been freaked out by my drains but last night he even helped me measure the output of the drains! He asked questions and was very curious. He said he might be a nurse or doctor one day. 🙂

He ate so much of Popeye’s (Kevin) spaghetti. Anyway, Daniel and I slept until 6 and got up waiting for his mom to take me to the Dr. appointment.

We watched SpongeBob until she came. It’s so cold outside!

The doctor thought things were doing well but he did NOT remove another drain which I prayed for. I almost cried. He said it still had too much output to remove. My next appointment is Friday at 2.

Kevin is coming to get me tonight to take me home. I will drive back on Friday afternoon for that appointment.

For now, I’m so emotional over missing Daniel that I am crying like an idiot. Daniel makes my heart so happy.

I’m so much more emotional yesterday and today.  I guess from the trauma of the surgery.




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