Good Day, Bad Day

I drove after work to St Louis to my PS appointment. Weather was getting bad but the drive was ok and I made good time.

Dr. Boswell took those sutures out that was causing my problems and they made pictures of me again. That was uncomfortable!

I surprised Daniel and picked him up at school. My son, daughter in law and Sadie came over and we had sushi for dinner at Kampai Sushi across the street from our apartment. An icy mess everywhere!

Daniel is spending the night. He broke my heart earlier when he told me he didn’t want to spend the night over as much. He said he didn’t want to hurt my feelings. I told him I wouldn’t ask anymore and that he would have to ask me from now on.

I’ve been crying.

That’s really why I kept the apartment in STL.

>Sara Lite Wheat (breakfast)
>Turkey Sausage Patties (breakfast)
>Planters Trail Mix Spicy (lunch)
>2 Bud Light (snack)
>Sushi: Spicy Scallop and Spider Roll (dinner)
>Plum Wine (dinner)


Sutures Spitting

That place on my left hip is getting grosser and grosser. I’m glad I’m going back to the doctor tomorrow because I am getting concern. It’s opening wider and pus filled.

Sweats visited again last night! lol But at least every now and then, they go away.

I have to be careful today, I’d eat everything in sight. I brought 2 naval oranges, turkey sandwich and chips so hopefully I won’t eat the building down before lunch.

So…today has been six weeks since my surgery. I am officially cleared to start exercising. I might give running a try tonight but I might just wait until my surgeon visit tomorrow afternoon. I stay so cold, I am not anxious about running in the cold weather. It’s funny because before my surgery, cold weather running was my favorite run. 🙂

**didn’t run or any exercise

I feel lazy and now bloated from oatmeal

>Homemade Turkey Sausage (breakfast)
>Sara Lite Wheat (breakfast)
>Candy Orange Slices (snack)
>Naval Orange (snack)
>Turkey Sandwich, pop chips, baby carrots, mayo (lunch)
>Naval Orange (snack)
>Chester Catfish fillet and Fried Chicken Breast (dinner)
>Oatmeal (snack)


Getting worse today

Getting worse today

Don’t Sweat it

No sweats last night….you think? 🙂

I’ve felt skinny today. I think I am loosing more weight. My once tight pants were falling off me. I was high energy today too.

I took my car in for repair…a young 18-20ish handsome young man flirted me with…a lot haha. I’m surprised I recognize flirting but it got obvious. I was amused and flattered. :-)~~~

That area of my scar on my left hip is getting worse. Dr. wanted me to come in today but said can wait until my appointment on Friday. He said the suture is spitting. It’s a dissolvable suture that my body is rejecting. I had a spot on my back and a couple places underarms. I’m worried it will cause worse scarring. I wish I could have gone today.

Imma having Sushi Friday night!

>2 Sausage Patties (breakfast)
>Sara Lite Wheat (breakfast)
>Cheese Danish from Panera Bread (snack)
>Banana (snack)
>Turkey Sandwich on Sara Lite with Mayo (Lunch)
>Baby Carrots (snack)
>Pop Chips (snack)
>Naval Orange (snack)
>Oatmeal, sugar and pat of butter (dinner)
>Boneless, skinless chicken thigh (snack)
>Red seedless grapes (snack)


Money, Money, Money

This day is racking up $$$. First thing this morning Eli made his monthly visit to the Vet for ear issues. He’s lucky we love him! Lol

Then we had to call Roto Rooter to unplug main line….cha ching!

Bills piling up and we spend like drunk sailors.

I emailed my plastic surgeon about a scar pulling apart on my left hip. I was once happy about how well it was healing and now this. I’m sure it’s not unusual but I’m not happy.

I broke down and ate that zero candy bar in my cabinet. Back to square one on the NO sweets.



Scars and Stories

So, I started using a silicon gel to help reduce my scars. I decided on ScarAway based on cost and reviews. The one I bought is like a pen with little massagers at the tip. You put a thin layer on and massage with the little roller balls. Kevin did a great job last night right before bed. I do think they feel softer and better today. I went in the restroom a few minutes ago and did it to myself which is harder because I can’t see the scars as well. Twice a day at least is what is recommended. It may be costly but I think I’ll give it a try.

I am still very numb in my back area and stomach. It’s such a weird feeling it’s hard to describe. What is kinda funny about it is that I always feel that my pants are falling down because I can’t feel them on my lower back. Dr. Boswell’s nurse told me a funny story that one of his body lift patients pants fell down and she didn’t know it! I can see that happening too. My sweatpants kept falling down this weekend when I was walking the dogs. I had them cinched for my old body so had to finally tighten them up.

I think some feeling is coming back on my backside but still very numb on the stomach. Dr. also said that area from belly button down to pubic would likely never come back. I’m ok with that…it’s just a weird feeling.

I’m wearing my heart monitor all day and at the rate I am burning, I can eat ~3400 calories a day and maintain weight. Normally that would be about 1750 for me. I can’t be that out of shape so it does have to be healing related. The doctor told me that my body needed more calories to heal after major surgery. I am hungry often!! Today has been some better but overall, I am a eating machine! lol Not that I eat a lot of food but I want to eat every hour. That’s my fat girl hunger pattern. Scares me a bit.

No let up on the sweats last night….disappointed.

>Natural Raisin Bran with Skim Milk (breakfast)
>Banana (snack)
>Turkey sandwich on Sara Lite with Mayo (lunch)
>Baby Carrots (lunch)
>Pop Chips (lunch)
>Banana (snack)
>Red pepper hummus (dinner)
>Baby Carrots (dinner)
>Celery (dinner)
>White Cheddar Cheez its (snacks)
>Red Grapes (snacks)

For my Arm Scars



Improved from last week

Energy Please!

I slept til 8 am! That felt awesome. The sweats are still bad but stop after 3 am or so. My blister thingie under my right arm still hurts. Maybe it’s some better.

I want energy today! Let’s see 🙂

I have more energy today but not focusing on housework as I should.

I’m sitting in our backyard drinking Schlafly Pumpkin Ale watching Kevin playing fetch with P & E.

I do feel better but my body is burning calories so fast. I am wearing my heart monitor today and on a normal pre-surgery day, I’d burn between 65-100 cal per hour being relatively inactive. Today, I’m burning > 200 calories per hour doing the same thing.

The weekends are too short. I’ve enjoyed the rest that I’ve gotten but didn’t do much housework. I did manage to clean some on the spare bedroom.

I’ve walked with Kevin and the dogs a couple times today. That felt good. I also had an awesome nap today. It was the best nap I can remember. Maybe it lasted 30 min or less but great.

This coming week, I need to up my cardio whether it’s walking or something. I can officially start exercise on Thursday because it is my 6 weeks since surgery. I have a doctor’s appointment Friday so will wait on word from him. 🙂

>Bacon (breakfast)
>Scrambled eggs (breakfast)
>Sara Lite Toast (breakfast)
>Small beef burrito (lunch)
>Schlafly Pumpkin Ale (snack)
>White Cheddar Cheez Its (snack)
>Pork Short Ribs (2) (dinner)
>Green Beans (dinner)
>Brussel Sprouts (dinner)

Underarm scar and blister



My favorite beer

Flat Bottom Girls

Walking gets my heart rate up as high as running right now. I am officially as fit as I was when I weighed 288 lbs. Shit!! On the other hand, I can burn several calories just walking the dogs.

Sweats continue but seem to taper off after about 3 or so. That does allow me some time to sleep comfortably.

I need to do housework today but after that walk, I’m damn beat!

I’m as hungry as a horse all day…

My resting heart rate is much higher than it was. It was about 55-58 but now it’s 70-75. I’m not happy about that and I don’t know if that is expected after this surgery. I have a doctor appointment next Friday. I’ll ask him some questions in regard to heartrate.

>Oatmeal (breakfast)
>Hamburger on English muffin with avocado (lunch)
>Baked Potato (lunch)
>Pickles (lunch)
>Burrito (dinner)
>Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie (snack)
>Organic Raisin Bran & Skim Milk (snack)

Flat Bottom Girl



Ready to Run

Steak, Potatoes and Beats

I worked until 10:30am. I did something today I never do, I canceled an appointment. I had a peridontist appointment at 12:30pm but I just wanted to hang out with my dogs!

I had a nice, relaxing day. I did walk the dogs. The sun was out but very windy and cold.

I did a couple loads of clothes and got all the dog hair up off the floor. I mostly laid around and tried to take an afternoon nap. I enjoyed my day 🙂

I tried on 1 of the 2 last pair of my target jeans. I’m happy.

I’m having an issue under my right armpit. It appears to be a festering blister of some kind. I did lance it yesterday and maybe I shouldn’t have done that. It’s very sore today.

Otherwise, I’m healing good. When I was walking the dogs today, my heartrate got as high as if I’d been running. I wore my heart monitor. I burned over 170 calories in 28 minutes. My heartrate stayed up. I can tell it’s going to be a long road to start running again. I’m actually nervous that I won’t be able to run again.

Kevin brought home a Ribeye, baked potato, salad and a piece of texas toast. I ate way too much! It was good and hit the spot.

I’m sitting in bed now on my laptop watching a Harry Potter marathon with Peyton.

>2 Sausage Patties
>1 sl Sara Lite Wheat
>Turtle Cookie
>Chicken Strips
>6 oz Ribeye
>baked potato with butter
>salad and vinaigrette
>texas toast

I love these UrBeats by Dr. Dre


My 157 lb Life

I have been watching those TLC “My 600 lb Life” documentaries. I don’t know if I’m doing it because I want to feel better for myself now that I’m not fat…or am I watching it because it could have been me.

I have an overwhelming sadness for these people except for one and I can’t remember her name..Penny, I think. I really think she wants to be fat. Her surgery didn’t work and she didn’t even try. How in the hell can you have the surgery and sit in bed rolling up stuff for your husband to fry and tell the doctor you are doing everything you are supposed to. She kept telling that Dr. that his scales were wrong. I felt sorry for her husband who basically is her nurse and does everything for her…but what is sadder is her little boy. How can she not even try for him. Sad…yet I still watch.

Today has been 5 weeks since my surgery and I think I am coming along very well….except for drenched bed clothes! HA! In 1 week, I can start running again. I’ve very anxious and nervous. I know it will be like starting at zero. But how happy will I be without all the jiggling! 🙂

Today would have been my daddy’s 81st birthday. I miss him every day.

>2 sausage patties (breakfast)
>1 sl Sara 45 Wheat (breakfast)
>Turtle Cookie (snack)
>2 bananas (snack)
>Tuna sandwich on Sara Lee Lite Wheat + mayo
>Campbell’s Tomato Soup (dinner)
>Pepperidge Farms Cornbread Stuffing (dinner)
>Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie (snack)

Want these, please!


C is for Cookie

For some reason, cookies are my weakness! That’s never really been the case. I have Chocolate Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies and Turtle cookies in my cabinet at home. After these sweeties are gone….NO MORE!!!

All in all the calorie count wasn’t bad but many times I sacrifice good calories for bad ones.

Strength finders training for all managers today. I’m pretty sure our boss thought that might be a short training session. Well, women can shop….so I guess that’s a strength.

I feel skinny this morning 🙂


I apparently left 2 of my treasured shirts in Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino in the first week of Dec. I’m heart broken because one was an expensive Cardinals shirt. 😦

>2 sausage patties (breakfast)
>1 sl Sara Lee Lite Wheat (breakfast)
>Turtle cookie (snack)
>Tuna sandwich on Sara Lee Lite with mayo (lunch)
>2 bananas (snack)
>Chester Chicken Strips (dinner)
>Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie (snack)