Stronger and Weaker

Yesterday was a busy and hectic day. I left Columbia for my St. Louis appointment. It was my first real test of endurance since the surgery.

I drove 2 hours to St. Louis, had doctor appointment. He did not remove that 3rd drain which I didn’t expect him too since the accidental removal of #1. He said that’s why they put in so many. When #1 came out, #3 picked up the slack and it has. It was <10 cc output everyday but since #1 came out, it’s gone up to >70 cc.

But, the remaining 2 are inconvenient and a pain in the ass but are not painful so I can accept that. He told me there may be a possibility that he will remove the remaining 2 next Friday. He said definitely 1 and maybe 2….oh please please please!

After my doctor appointment, I went to the apartment to rest and the kids came over and we went to dinner. I even drank 2 beer! lol My appetite is still not there…which honestly I wish it would stay like this but the Dr. said recovery is no time to try to take off a few more lbs.

Daniel spent the night. I always cherish that. I will be so glad when I am back to normal. I am his playmate and right now I act like his convalescing grandma!

I have horrible night sweats. When I wake up at 4ish or so, my bed and clothes are wringing wet. This has happened every night since the surgery. I’ve been through menopause and nothing like this! lol I did read some articles that this is common after surgery due to the trauma to the body and anesthesia. Some cases it can last over a month!

This morning, I woke up wringing wet, cold and felt sick at my stomach and a bit disoriented. This has happened before. Dr. said that I will have good days and bad days up to about 6 weeks. I guess today was a bad day. I drove Daniel to his home and became very scared and dizzy.

I still had a 2 hour drive home ahead of me but I so badly wanted to be home with Kevin and my dogs. This was the first time I drove when I felt I shouldn’t. I was very sick for almost an hour. I stopped at a truck stop and got water and some chicken from Popeyes. I ate a bit of it but I did start feeling better.

I’m home now, took a pain pill, laying in bed with my 2 big doggies and Kevin and I are about ready to watch our Kansas City Chiefs in their first playoff game since 2010. Go Chiefs!!!

I’m feeling better both mentally and physically.



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