It was -13 degrees this morning when I left for work. And still, another night of drenched clothes and sheets. I may have to learn to live with this. When the other drains come out, I’ll be able to sleep with no clothes again and maybe that will help.

I bundled up on my 54th birthday and set off to work. God I hated to do that. I have been tired most of the day and got nauseous at one point. I still need to eat often and didn’t bring enough food. I ate my lunch sandwich at 8:30am HA! I had to go out at lunch at -3 F to get some chicken. I ate a bit of it and wrapped it up for later. I sat with my seat back reclined in my warm car at lunch and I think I took a short nap.

I’m so tired that 40 min drive home will be very hard.

But I am about to make it my first day back at work since my surgery! I still have 2 drains and it’s not easy trying to disguise. I attached them to my bra and put a spank on to hold the drain tubes down. My pants are falling off and I’m kinda tacky looking but when those puppies come out, I’ll be hot!

Work could be stressful but I think my one and only resolution for this year is to not let my boss stress me. I’m going to be a very chilled person with a flat tummy! lol

Not a bad first day back to work. I got tired often and nauseous a couple times. The fact that I’m less than 2 weeks from surgery and it was -13 degrees made me feel pretty good about finishing my day at work.

I sat my butt on that comfy couch with my puppies for most of the night. 🙂

I didn’t do anything special for my birthday or go out for dinner or anything. It was just too cold. We plan on doing something this weekend.



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