Workin’ on My Night Sweats…..

Horrible!!! I slept naked last night to see if that helps. I put a trendy top on around my drains to keep them from being pulled out..even though I wouldn’t mind that! HA

After 2am, my bed stayed soaking wet and I could not sleep and chilled nearly to death. I think tonight, I’m going to try sleeping on the couch to see if that changes anything. Peyton (my oldest lab) will not like that. That’s his bed. I emailed my PS and asked him and he said he did not have an answer for that. He asked the normal things like do you have a fever, menopause, infections…etc. I told him I felt perfectly fine except for the sweats.

He said it definitely could be a result of trauma to my body during surgery and should go away. But he still had no real reason. Oh, well!

I do feel better each day. I was able to wear a bit tighter clothes today but it’s still hard to disguise those grenade looking things hanging from my body with long tubing! lol

Hopefully, Friday they will both come out and I can enjoy my nicer clothes better than before. I do love my flat stomach. I still can’t get over how it doesn’t sit in my lap when I sit down. And having NO muffin top is heaven!

We had a heat wave today, high got to 28 degrees!

Had a slight fever tonight and didn’t rest well….whine, whine, whine

Peace out….


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