Hungry Like the Wolf

I have been eating all day. On one hand that’s a good thing…on the other that’s how I got to be 288+ pounds.

Every 2 hours, it’s like I’m mad starving. Maybe my body is using those calories to heal.

I’m bitchy today. Now that I sweat all night, I don’t sleep. That’s been the one constant in my life was that I slept well….that’s so over now! I hope the sweats stop soon.

When I say bitchy, I mean my drains hurt, they are pinching my stomach where I have them placed, I’m walking a bit more humped over than I have been. I think that’s because the drains are pinching.

But, today is Pizza day today at work and I’ve been craving pizza for over 2 weeks! lol I got 2 pieces of thin crust meat lovers. I ate one pretty quickly but saving the other for late afternoon. I’ll eat a very light dinner tonight.

I’m still praying Dr. Boswell removes both those drains. If he leaves one in, I’ll cry…I’m sure.



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