3 Weeks

It’s been 3 weeks today since my circumferential body lift and brachioplasty. I thought I’d be over everything by now but I always see myself as a superior healer! lol

I am doing well and with exception to the night sweats and awful drainage tubes, I’m doing very well. My incisions are healing well and have given me very little pain with the exception of the arm incisions which are more significant and raw to touch or rub.

I do have a spot on my right arm that I want Dr. Boswell to look at tomorrow. I think it’s just a pocket of fluid that may need to be drained.

Yesterday was not a good day for me. It must have been the day he warned that could come every few days. I was tired, sleepy, nauseous, swollen, hurting etc. I went home and got in pajamas and sat with many pillows on my big bed with my puppies and my husband watching Andy Griffin. It felt good. I’m taking off work tomorrow to go to my Dr. appointment in St. Louis with Dr. Boswell. Praying he removes both the tubes. I think that will be day one of my real recovery.

Today is not so bad but stomach still feels tight and tender to touch. That’s new over the last week or so. I find myself hunched over a little more. That may be because of the swelling.

Still love my flat stomach although I thought it looked more fat last night due to the swelling.

My first week back to work was hard and especially traveling so far in sub zero temps and snow.

I find myself hiding more in my office than being out around people. I hope that gets a bit better next week.

Walking around makes me very tired.

I look forward to running again. I want to see how it feels without all the jiggly things. lol He said I can run after 6 weeks which will be about Jan 30th. I am sure it will be like starting over but I’m ok with that.


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