Drains No More

Thank God! #3 drain fell out on it’s own this morning. That got me worried that he would not remove #4. #4 has been hurting like a son of a bitch the last couple days.

He said I was coming along well, removed the final drain. He also took out some loose stitches and 1 staple.

I felt so skinny and happy! But, as I always gripe about something, I’m bad bloated again and SO tired from driving over 5 hours today to and from St. Louis. I got home and crashed on my bed with my doggies. I slept 2 hours I think. I never do that with naps.

But with no sleep because of the night sweats, I have to try to catch up on sleep how I can. I’m drained and very tired now but happy the devil drains are gone.

It’s starting to warm up nicely here but nasty from the snow. I hope to get out some and walk with the dogs. That will make me very happy….I am happy, really.

I still can’t believe my stomach when I look at it. I look skinny! My arms are very swollen and I showed him the spot that look like where fluid was pooling. He said that is what was happened and that if by my next visit that my body hasn’t absorbed it, he’d remove it with a needle. Ouch!


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