Hyacinths in Winter

Finally, I had a decent night’s sleep without being soaking wet. But I did sleep in the nude since the tubes are gone. We cooled the house, I put down a pad so my sheets would not get wet. I did wake up sweating a bit but I push the covers off and cool off. I got up once and took the damp pad off the bed but I slept well the rest of the night and NO wet sheets or clothes! I woke up happy as a clam.

It’s warmed up a bit so Kevin and I took the dogs downtown to walk and we walked for over an hour. I’m tired in a good way. 🙂

I did a couple loads of laundry and laid around the rest of the day. I was extremely tired the rest of the day.

My sweet husband brought me my favorite flower (hyacinth) and made stuffed cabbage rolls for dinner.

I am so lucky to have him…oh yeah, he just bought a $500 set of drums! lol It was his belated Christmas gift since we were busy with helping me recuperate during the holidays.

He’s worth it. 🙂


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