I feel so good in my clothes today that I almost forget how miserable I was sweating in my bed all night. I will have to adjust and hope that goes away soon. I’ve never experienced anything so frustrating….we at least for now! lol

I’m wearing skinny pants, skinny tops. I actually need to be wearing a belt to hold these low riding jeans up!

I still get hungry often so I brought 2 turkey sandwiches to work. That really should stop my desire to go to the store and get something that is not healthy.

I’m still a little swollen in mid section. It always feels better in the morning and swells as day goes on. I think that’s normal. My arms are still significantly swollen but better.

All in all, I feel skinny and healthy. šŸ™‚

My day at work was better but when I get home, you can’t pry me off that couch or bed! lol

I sat on my bed with my dogs and computer and watched Criminal Minds until I got sleepy. I got up and stirred around a bit but I still can get over how tired I get. I do have long days at work but still I would have thought I wouldn’t seem so lazy! HE


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