Feels Like a Dream

If I could sleep, I’d think how I look is a dream. Another night (worst yet) of staying soaking wet all night. I’m praying for an end soon..but

However, I can’t get over how good I look in clothes. In the past I dreaded getting up and getting dressed because I had such a roll to hide. With my nice arms and flat belly and NO muffin top, I love how I look and feel in my jeans and clothes. I am getting to wear so many of those cute shirts that I bought hoping one day the big fat rolls and loose skin would disappear. 🙂


I have to eat so often! I don’t eat a lot of calories and most days don’t get what I need, but I bring 2 turkey sandwiches on Sara Lee Lite Whole Wheat everyday! I need it for now. I hope this ends by the end of January. But…I can start running then so maybe I’ll continue..as long as it’s healthy like a turkey sandwich and carrots.


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