Hypoglycemia Perhaps?

I can’t get over the night sweats. My once peaceful sleep has turned into a real nightmare night after night. I feel great and skinny most of the time. My mood is good…I’m happy but damn!

Ok: I get hungry every hour and have to eat, heart palpatation, I get nauseous and dizzy if I don’t eat and profuse night sweats all add up to hypoglycemia. So I started reading and sure enough that is a big symptom of low blood sugar and it more likely occurs while you sleep.

So, I’m excited if indeed that is the case. Maybe I can do something? I read that most doctors recommend eating a slow burning carb right before lights out. I’m going to try oatmeal tonight but many other things work also including protein with the carb. Please God let this fix me.

I am dreading going to bed at night. I’ve never done that! Ok, it can’t be menopause because why did it start exactly after my surgery? I am thinking the traumatic surgery altered my body response to sugars.

Another thing I tried: I drive about 40 minutes to work in the morning. I get nauseous (almost like motion sickness) every single morning EXCEPT for the 2 mornings that I ate a grapefruit with a teaspoon of sugar. I felt good driving to work!

I’m going to try and fix me starting tonight. Fingers crossed!



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