Blood, Sweat and Tears

I bought a blood glucose tester yesterday and thought, mmmmm pretty cheap $20. But later discovered that the test strips are $40 for 25 eaches! OUCH!!!!!!

And to top that off, I can hardly get blood to come out when I use the one touch. I tested my blood last night and it was 106 which is good in a non fast test. My intentions were to get up at my first sweat drenched episode which was about 12:40am. I got up to test and could NOT get any blood.

I’ll have to research that but I woke up starving…as usual and gobbled down a banana and natural peanut butter but apparently that didn’t help the 2nd episode of sweat drenched clothes that came at 3am.

Anyway….I still love my body! I do. Even though my nights are virtual nightmares, I feel good during the day and love how I look in my clothes. The difference cannot be described.

I want to run…I’ve been thinking about it so much today. I am so tempted to try it but Surgeon said 6 weeks and it’s been 4. I think running will make me feel normal again. Also, I want to see how I look in all that expensive running gear I have! lol


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