Prayers Answered?

Last night I was prepared to sleep on the coach to see if that made any different with my night sweats. I made the couch up with sheets, quilts etc but went to sleep in my bed until Kevin was ready for bed. He came to wake me up and ask was I moving to the couch and all my clothes plus sheets were dry. So I stayed in my bed. I woke up several times just because I felt like I was sweating but when I got up at 5am, my clothes had stayed dry all night! Fingers still crossed that it doesn’t come back.

I met a friend Kelly for lunch and her 6 week old son Henry. It was good to see her. She is my trainer turned friend. We had a good lunch and nice visit. Henry is a cutie!

Ran to get heartworm prevention meds for Peyton and Eli, took a short nap and and now all packed to drive to St. Louis tonight for the weekend.

Today would have been my Mama and Daddy’s 55 wedding anniversary. I miss them every day.



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