It’s a Mad World

God I hate my job. It’s full of petty complainers. I need to stop complaining myself and get the fuck outta here.

Ok, last night sucked again! A wet, soaked night, but hey….maybe I’m getting used to it.

I really need to be more disciplined with my eating starting today. I didn’t bring enough food though. Kevin made a tuna sandwich for me and I brought a banana. I should have brought a couple bananas but I need to start cutting back on calories. I know I’m not supposed to do that while I’m healing from surgery but I need to take off a few more pounds.

The scars in my underarm area are worrying me. There is a blister under my right arm. It’s very sore to touch and the scars seem a bit red. The scar under my left arm is very red and tender. I’m going to read up on this today. Best I remember that the scar healing goes through several phases.

I went home from work and showered, put on pajamas, ate a little bit of pork from the crockpot and laid on couch with the puppies watching “My 600 lb Life”

>2 Sausage Patties
>1 slice Sara Lee Wheat 45 Bread
>Baby Carrots
>Tuna Sandwich
>scrambled egg
>3 pcs bacon
>pork tenderloin (2 oz)
>chocolate oatmeal cookies


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