C is for Cookie

For some reason, cookies are my weakness! That’s never really been the case. I have Chocolate Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies and Turtle cookies in my cabinet at home. After these sweeties are gone….NO MORE!!!

All in all the calorie count wasn’t bad but many times I sacrifice good calories for bad ones.

Strength finders training for all managers today. I’m pretty sure our boss thought that might be a short training session. Well, women can shop….so I guess that’s a strength.

I feel skinny this morning 🙂


I apparently left 2 of my treasured shirts in Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino in the first week of Dec. I’m heart broken because one was an expensive Cardinals shirt. 😦

>2 sausage patties (breakfast)
>1 sl Sara Lee Lite Wheat (breakfast)
>Turtle cookie (snack)
>Tuna sandwich on Sara Lee Lite with mayo (lunch)
>2 bananas (snack)
>Chester Chicken Strips (dinner)
>Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie (snack)


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