Steak, Potatoes and Beats

I worked until 10:30am. I did something today I never do, I canceled an appointment. I had a peridontist appointment at 12:30pm but I just wanted to hang out with my dogs!

I had a nice, relaxing day. I did walk the dogs. The sun was out but very windy and cold.

I did a couple loads of clothes and got all the dog hair up off the floor. I mostly laid around and tried to take an afternoon nap. I enjoyed my day 🙂

I tried on 1 of the 2 last pair of my target jeans. I’m happy.

I’m having an issue under my right armpit. It appears to be a festering blister of some kind. I did lance it yesterday and maybe I shouldn’t have done that. It’s very sore today.

Otherwise, I’m healing good. When I was walking the dogs today, my heartrate got as high as if I’d been running. I wore my heart monitor. I burned over 170 calories in 28 minutes. My heartrate stayed up. I can tell it’s going to be a long road to start running again. I’m actually nervous that I won’t be able to run again.

Kevin brought home a Ribeye, baked potato, salad and a piece of texas toast. I ate way too much! It was good and hit the spot.

I’m sitting in bed now on my laptop watching a Harry Potter marathon with Peyton.

>2 Sausage Patties
>1 sl Sara Lite Wheat
>Turtle Cookie
>Chicken Strips
>6 oz Ribeye
>baked potato with butter
>salad and vinaigrette
>texas toast

I love these UrBeats by Dr. Dre



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