Energy Please!

I slept til 8 am! That felt awesome. The sweats are still bad but stop after 3 am or so. My blister thingie under my right arm still hurts. Maybe it’s some better.

I want energy today! Let’s see 🙂

I have more energy today but not focusing on housework as I should.

I’m sitting in our backyard drinking Schlafly Pumpkin Ale watching Kevin playing fetch with P & E.

I do feel better but my body is burning calories so fast. I am wearing my heart monitor today and on a normal pre-surgery day, I’d burn between 65-100 cal per hour being relatively inactive. Today, I’m burning > 200 calories per hour doing the same thing.

The weekends are too short. I’ve enjoyed the rest that I’ve gotten but didn’t do much housework. I did manage to clean some on the spare bedroom.

I’ve walked with Kevin and the dogs a couple times today. That felt good. I also had an awesome nap today. It was the best nap I can remember. Maybe it lasted 30 min or less but great.

This coming week, I need to up my cardio whether it’s walking or something. I can officially start exercise on Thursday because it is my 6 weeks since surgery. I have a doctor’s appointment Friday so will wait on word from him. 🙂

>Bacon (breakfast)
>Scrambled eggs (breakfast)
>Sara Lite Toast (breakfast)
>Small beef burrito (lunch)
>Schlafly Pumpkin Ale (snack)
>White Cheddar Cheez Its (snack)
>Pork Short Ribs (2) (dinner)
>Green Beans (dinner)
>Brussel Sprouts (dinner)

Underarm scar and blister



My favorite beer


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