Scars and Stories

So, I started using a silicon gel to help reduce my scars. I decided on ScarAway based on cost and reviews. The one I bought is like a pen with little massagers at the tip. You put a thin layer on and massage with the little roller balls. Kevin did a great job last night right before bed. I do think they feel softer and better today. I went in the restroom a few minutes ago and did it to myself which is harder because I can’t see the scars as well. Twice a day at least is what is recommended. It may be costly but I think I’ll give it a try.

I am still very numb in my back area and stomach. It’s such a weird feeling it’s hard to describe. What is kinda funny about it is that I always feel that my pants are falling down because I can’t feel them on my lower back. Dr. Boswell’s nurse told me a funny story that one of his body lift patients pants fell down and she didn’t know it! I can see that happening too. My sweatpants kept falling down this weekend when I was walking the dogs. I had them cinched for my old body so had to finally tighten them up.

I think some feeling is coming back on my backside but still very numb on the stomach. Dr. also said that area from belly button down to pubic would likely never come back. I’m ok with that…it’s just a weird feeling.

I’m wearing my heart monitor all day and at the rate I am burning, I can eat ~3400 calories a day and maintain weight. Normally that would be about 1750 for me. I can’t be that out of shape so it does have to be healing related. The doctor told me that my body needed more calories to heal after major surgery. I am hungry often!! Today has been some better but overall, I am a eating machine! lol Not that I eat a lot of food but I want to eat every hour. That’s my fat girl hunger pattern. Scares me a bit.

No let up on the sweats last night….disappointed.

>Natural Raisin Bran with Skim Milk (breakfast)
>Banana (snack)
>Turkey sandwich on Sara Lite with Mayo (lunch)
>Baby Carrots (lunch)
>Pop Chips (lunch)
>Banana (snack)
>Red pepper hummus (dinner)
>Baby Carrots (dinner)
>Celery (dinner)
>White Cheddar Cheez its (snacks)
>Red Grapes (snacks)

For my Arm Scars



Improved from last week


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