Don’t Sweat it

No sweats last night….you think? 🙂

I’ve felt skinny today. I think I am loosing more weight. My once tight pants were falling off me. I was high energy today too.

I took my car in for repair…a young 18-20ish handsome young man flirted me with…a lot haha. I’m surprised I recognize flirting but it got obvious. I was amused and flattered. :-)~~~

That area of my scar on my left hip is getting worse. Dr. wanted me to come in today but said can wait until my appointment on Friday. He said the suture is spitting. It’s a dissolvable suture that my body is rejecting. I had a spot on my back and a couple places underarms. I’m worried it will cause worse scarring. I wish I could have gone today.

Imma having Sushi Friday night!

>2 Sausage Patties (breakfast)
>Sara Lite Wheat (breakfast)
>Cheese Danish from Panera Bread (snack)
>Banana (snack)
>Turkey Sandwich on Sara Lite with Mayo (Lunch)
>Baby Carrots (snack)
>Pop Chips (snack)
>Naval Orange (snack)
>Oatmeal, sugar and pat of butter (dinner)
>Boneless, skinless chicken thigh (snack)
>Red seedless grapes (snack)



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