Sutures Spitting

That place on my left hip is getting grosser and grosser. I’m glad I’m going back to the doctor tomorrow because I am getting concern. It’s opening wider and pus filled.

Sweats visited again last night! lol But at least every now and then, they go away.

I have to be careful today, I’d eat everything in sight. I brought 2 naval oranges, turkey sandwich and chips so hopefully I won’t eat the building down before lunch.

So…today has been six weeks since my surgery. I am officially cleared to start exercising. I might give running a try tonight but I might just wait until my surgeon visit tomorrow afternoon. I stay so cold, I am not anxious about running in the cold weather. It’s funny because before my surgery, cold weather running was my favorite run. 🙂

**didn’t run or any exercise

I feel lazy and now bloated from oatmeal

>Homemade Turkey Sausage (breakfast)
>Sara Lite Wheat (breakfast)
>Candy Orange Slices (snack)
>Naval Orange (snack)
>Turkey Sandwich, pop chips, baby carrots, mayo (lunch)
>Naval Orange (snack)
>Chester Catfish fillet and Fried Chicken Breast (dinner)
>Oatmeal (snack)


Getting worse today
Getting worse today

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