Good Day, Bad Day

I drove after work to St Louis to my PS appointment. Weather was getting bad but the drive was ok and I made good time.

Dr. Boswell took those sutures out that was causing my problems and they made pictures of me again. That was uncomfortable!

I surprised Daniel and picked him up at school. My son, daughter in law and Sadie came over and we had sushi for dinner at Kampai Sushi across the street from our apartment. An icy mess everywhere!

Daniel is spending the night. He broke my heart earlier when he told me he didn’t want to spend the night over as much. He said he didn’t want to hurt my feelings. I told him I wouldn’t ask anymore and that he would have to ask me from now on.

I’ve been crying.

That’s really why I kept the apartment in STL.

>Sara Lite Wheat (breakfast)
>Turkey Sausage Patties (breakfast)
>Planters Trail Mix Spicy (lunch)
>2 Bud Light (snack)
>Sushi: Spicy Scallop and Spider Roll (dinner)
>Plum Wine (dinner)



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