Gonna Fly Now…

Daniel and I had fried bologna and funfetti pancakes for breakfast. He doesn’t eat sausage or bacon for breakfast. He loves bologna so I thought I’d fry it up like my dad did for us. It was a hit!

Driving home in icy rain was stressful. I saw many wrecks on my drive home.

I had a glass of strawberry wine when I got home. A hot shower, nap and homemade chili hit the spot.

Kevin is shopping and I’m laying on the bed watching a Rocky marathon!

It’s St. Louis Blues time! Shopping and laundry is done so nothing to do but sit around on the couches with the dogs.

Hey….NO sweating last night. I’m trying for that again tonight.

>Funfetti Pancakes with maple syrup (breakfast)
>Fried Bologna (breakfast)
>Honey Graham Crackers (snack)
>Strawberry Wine (snack)
>Homemade Chili with toasted tortillas (dinner)
>Turtle Cookies (snack)

Funfetti Pancakes and Fried Bologna!




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