Superbowl Cardio

2nd night in a row that I have not had night sweats!! That does make me more hopeful that horrible shit is over.

Today is the first day of getting back into shape! I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and ran 20 solid minutes without stopping. I did run slow but I ran!!
Tonight is my ab and butt workout. I haven’t really decided what I’m going to do but tonight’s the night.

Superbowl tonight which I am excited about but fucking Direct TV is out again. It’s been doing this lately when it gets cold. I’m very pissed off.

Ok, first run since circumferential body lift and extended brachioplasty…here is what I noticed. It felt incredible not having the fat jiggling in the mid section. I can’t express in words how that felt. Also, my arms didn’t jiggle….ass didn’t jiggle. And I ran in my workout shorts without panties and the shorts didn’t crawl up my fat ass! I’m going to enjoy getting fit again. 🙂

Heart broken over how the Broncos played tonight. Very sad. I wanted Peyton to get one more Super Bowl. Not in the cards this year.

-30 min treadmill including 20 minutes solid running
-75 stomach crunches
-75 Kettlebell Squats

Tomorrow night is upper body.

>Mom’s Best Honey Nut Cheerios (breakfast)
>Skim Milk (breakfast)
>Chili and tortillas (lunch)
>Coconut Macaroons (snack)
>2 glasses strawberry wine (snack)
>1 bud light (snack)
>Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers with cheese (dinner) **too many!




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