Dealing With It

I’m still depressed over the beat down that Peyton Manning took in the Super Bowl. I avoided all sports reporting on the drive to work this morning.

I didn’t sleep well and not sure why. I was wide awake at 2am. I didn’t take a nap yesterday or sleep late or have caffeine in the afternoon….maybe it was the Super Bowl or Harry Potter.

The sweats came again which surprised me somewhat but I can deal with it. I do think they will eventually stop.

I’m hungry as a horse today. I really do need to stop being so careless with calories such as cookie calories!

I hate the treadmill but need to get on it again tonight and do an upper body workout such as boxing bag.

I’m very sore from my crunches and squats yesterday…that’s good. I am walking funny. 🙂

The weather is depressing me too. It’s supposed to be below zero several days this week and on top of that is supposed to come a big snow tomorrow…likely 6-8 inches. If it does, I’ll stay home. I’m not going to take the same changes that I took last year on that 40 mile drive to work.

**It’s not even 11:00am here and I’ve already eaten my first snack and my lunch. It’s going to be a long day! lol

>Homemade Turkey Sausage (breakfast)
>Sara Wheat Lite (breakfast)
>Banana (snack)
>Turkey sandwich with carrots and pop chips (lunch)
>Banana (snack)
>Cream of Wheat (snack)
>Scrambled eggs (dinner)
>Bacon pieces (dinner)
>Sara Wheat Toast (dinner)
>Cinnamon Rugulach (snack)


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