I Never Learn, Apparently

Happy first birthday to my sweet little Sadie Bug!

Against my better judgement, I drove to work this morning (40 miles) even though I knew a big snow storm was coming. I thought I’d work a few hours and help shut things down here and send people home and head home by 10am. Well….the blizzard is already here and looks dangerous.

After our production planning meeting, I’m heading home. I actually went in so I could help direct shutdown but the idiot that I work for couldn’t make up his mind. He has little regard for people getting stranded and this is not the first time this has happened…twice last year.

The roads home were not so bad but with the wind blowing and the snow coming down hard, it made it hard to see.

We should be getting about 6 – 8 inches. Kevin’s work turned out early so we had fun with the dogs out in the backyard. They love the snow.

I ran 30 minutes on the treadmill. I did 23 minutes solid with no rest. I enjoyed it! Well, as much as I can like running on a treadmill. I have arm workout tonight.

I did facetime with Sadie Bug on her birthday. She laughs every she sees me. I talked with Daniel too. I love those kids so much.

Brake repair on the truck $1700…..damn. If we don’t fix it, my son won’t have transportation. They are struggling as it is and I can’t let them struggle more but damn!

Kevin made Rib Eyes and salads for dinner….delicious!

No Night Sweats last night. The place on my left hip is looking worse. I pulled a stitch out from under my right arm today.

I’m feeling healthy. Time to put my feet up and catch up on “The Following”




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