Powerball and Cookies

I daydream often of winning the power ball even though I rarely buy a ticket! haha

Work is hectic, stressful and made worse by a boss who doesn’t care much for other’s opinions especially if they have boobs.

I feel like I’m gaining weight. The cookies have to go. I have a few more macaroons and it’s over. I am exercising so I shouldn’t be gaining. Maybe I’m still having some swelling in the stomach since the surgery.

My right arm is causing me concern. I have places that look like they don’t want to heal. I go back to my surgeon on 2/21. And on the next day, my first 5k to kick off 2014! “Run for Your Beads”. I’d love to be able to run it the entire 3.1 but I suspect I won’t make it. But, I like doing it and bloody mary’s afterwards! lol

My son called and he is loosing his job at the Botanical gardens due to outsourcing. He was very upset. Just as they think they are getting their financial life on track…this happens. Now, I can’t stop thinking about it and the kids.

I ran out of time to run on the treadmill but I did my:
-75 crunches
-75 squats

>Turkey Sausage (breakfast)
>Sara Lite Wheat (breakfast)
>banana (snack)
>Turkey Sandwich on Sara Wheat plust Mayo (lunch)
>Pop Chips (lunch)
>Baby Carrots (lunch)
>banana (snack)
>Campbell’s tomato soup, sharp cheese, saltines (dinner)
>Coconut Macaroons (snack)


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