St. Louie, My Love

I’ve been so stressed and sad since my son called me yesterday about his job. Just as they had things planned and going in the right direction. I don’t think he was crazy about the job but it paid decent and gave him weekends off like he had never had in retail management job. I’m praying that he will get good news today in his interview process with them. Maybe not good news but not terrible news. My heart hurts for him.

No night sweats at all last night. I know my surgeon thinks I’m crazy but they started the day of my surgery and ended or tapered at about 6 weeks. I know the surgery caused that. But, I’m happy now over that.

I have some places on the incision my right arm that i’m concerned about and the place on the incision on my left hip is not healing. I’m more concerned with my arms because if it’s not healing properly, the scars will not heal properly and make the show more. The circumferential scar in below my panty line so it won’t show..even though I wanted a nice, clean scar.

It’s very cold today. We are heading to St. Louis when Kevin gets home tonight. I don’t know what we will do this weekend because it is so cold and chance of snow this weekend but I’d like to see the kids especially after the bad news they got yesterday.

I got notice today from Red Brick that we need to renew our apartment lease by the end of February to lock in rent that doesn’t go up in April. I am not sure when we want to do. I am so torn. I want to keep the apartment in STL but it cost so much we could use the money and may have to help the kids at some point in the coming months. On the other hand, I like being able to be close to them especially Daniel.

I’m like a married woman with a boyfriend. I love living and being in Columbia but I’m infatuated with St. Louis! Columbia provides me with familiarity and comfort. St. Louis excites me!

I want Sushi again tonight! Maybe I can talk Kevin into it when we get in the city.

Peyton and Eli are ready to go to the city too! It’s going to be a cold one.




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