Bottomless Pit

This is me, today! Many times I think that I have mastered the weight problem but like an alcoholic, I’m one drink (bite) away from a real bender.

I had a nice time with Daniel and carried him home this morning before we headed home to Columbia. We ran into heavy snow and cars/trucks in ditches and in wrecks.

I so some time on the treadmill tonight and I have an upper body workout.

I saw so many runners in STL this weekend and was very jealous. I want to run. I should have done in in St. Louis because many of the sidewalks are cleared of snow and most ice. In Columbia, it’s still knee deep and can only run on the road which scares the shit out of me. I see other’s runners doing it but I am terrified. You hear of so many runners being hit and injured or killed.

I think the weather is supposed to get better toward the end of the the week.

Kevin is out in the bad weather grocery shopping and I am about to do the laundry. The dogs are happy to be home, me too.

I’m praying and hoping for things to turn out for my son and his family.

Healthy Chicken and Cajun sausage gumbo tonight 🙂 Delicious!

Last night, Kevin pulled out about a 3 inch stitch from under my right boob that has been causing me tremendous problems. I think it’s starting to heal as we speak. I see some healing on the place on my left hip…fingers crossed.

Eli destroyed an entire 8 dollar bottom of vitamin E. He did this Friday but just noticed it when we got home today.

` 25 minutes running on treadmill
` Arm routine with 10 lb weights

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