Singin’ the Blues in Sochi

I have become such a St. Louis Blues fan in the last 2 years. I couldn’t help but live stream the 6:30am game on my iphone in my office this morning. I even DVRd it so I could watch and see how well Oshie, Backes and Shattenkirk played. Daniel (grandson) and I love TJ Oshie. I did feel sorry for Slovakia with out sweet little bad ass goalie Halak. He didn’t look good but its hard to be the only defender on Slovakia. Love you, too Halak. Can’t wait for you guys to come back home with the Gold.

I was busy at work and the busier I stay, the less I get hungry so that is good. I’ve been a good good re: sweets this week but last night got hard.

I am supposed to treadmill run and do arms and shoulders tonight but I am still so damn sore from squats on Tuesday that I can still hardly walk! I’ll try to do it later or maybe tomorrow. I’m planning a 3.1 road run this weekend since it’s warming up but still snow everywhere!

My son still doesn’t know his work/severage status. I am worried about him. They are supposed to find out something tomorrow. I think it won’t be good. I do worry that he might drink more than he already does. He left work today to go to a bar. I mainly worry about Daniel. I’d love to see him this weekend but we are staying here in CoMo.

Kevin works late on Valentine’s Day. Maybe I’ll make him a special dinner but since he is Paleo….that’s hard to do! HA

Daniel and Momeye (me)



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