Short Sleeves & Valentines

It has been an interesting day. I thought it was supposed to be warmer but it sleeted and snowed! Stop this!!!!

I wore short sleeves to work for the first time since my arm lift! I was nervous people would see the scars but I don’t believe they did. I didn’t look bad. Today was casual and half days so I took the chance!

I was a bad eater today. The staff brought in various donuts/baked goods. I ate an entire apple fritter. (450 calories)

And, Kevin bought my favorite: Chocolate covered strawberries (both milk and dark chocolate) from the Candy Factory here in Columbia, MO.

I laid around the house with the dogs, hit the treadmill for 40 minutes and did upper arm/shoulder weights. I at least burned the apple fritter off!

My son got good news today. He was offered another job managing the store at MoBot and for more money. I can sleep now and I’m sure he and Allison can.

I miss Daniel and Sadie. I’ll facetime with them later. I’ll see them next weekend and supposedly the weather is supposed to be warmer.

Kevin is working late tonight and we’ll try to find a place to eat a Valentine’s dinner somewhere but I’m sure the good places will be booked.

I need a beer…

Happy Valentines’s Day




One thought on “Short Sleeves & Valentines

  1. Happy Valentine’s day! The strawberries look delish! I’m sure that you looked fine in short sleeves. I wish the weather here allowed me to do the same. More wintery stuff here. Have a great dinner and enjoy your beer!

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