Oshie & Charlotte on Ice

So last night, Kevin and I went to dinner and a ~600 lb man in a motorized rascal caused the waiter to trip and spill 5 glasses of ice water down my back and all over. This morning, I was trying to walk the dogs and slipped on the ice and busted my knees and twisted my back. I should have just stayed in the house all weekend!

I woke up wide awake at 4 am this morning and laid in bed until 5 and got up to watch the USA v Russia hockey. What an incredible game. My #74 TJ Oshie won the game in a 8 round shoot out. Daniel and I wear his number and now the entire US loves him! We in St. Louis knew how awesome he was. Now everyone does. That win made up for the feelings I had when Peyton lost in the super bowl. Kevin, me and our dogs (Peyton and Eli) were jumping around like crazy this morning after that win.

I haven’t eaten well today and had a couple bloody Mary’s after the fall. And, I almost finished up my chocolate covered strawberries. But I did go the gym and had an awesome cardio and upper body workout. I haven’t gone to the gym in months. I burned a ton of calories and felt great. I was afraid the fall and hitting on my knees would bother me but it didn’t and back felt ok too.

Kevin made a healthy dinner and now I’m full and happy sitting on the couch watching Lockup! lol I have a weird attraction to prison documentaries!

A good day but very cold.

TJ Oshie of the St. Louis Blues
TJ Oshie of the St. Louis Blues

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