Panic Time?

I’m very concerned about the place on my left hip not healing. My big fear all along has been necrosis which happens when you heal slow and develop the actual skin dying. It doesn’t look as bad as what I see on webpages but I am definitely scared about it.

I go back to Dr. Boswell Friday and I will send him a picture of it tomorrow. I’m sure he can do something to help it heal. My arms are healing well but those couple places on my body lift scar concern me.

We went out today and tried to find places to walk these crazy dogs. 12 inches of snow frozen solid so it wasn’t that good. I got a good cardio workout and so did they. We went downtown afterward and it was better walking for them. They are getting doggie depression not being able to get their normal 2 a day walks.

Well, ready or not….Run for Your Beads 5k this coming Saturday! I’ll do the best that I can but it won’t be my usual time. But I am looking forward to it to see if I can still run except treadmill. We had intentions of road running this weekend but black ice prevented that plus I busted my ass yesterday! HA

I may get on the treadmill some tonight and tomorrow is my lower body workout day.

I woke up early again this morning..about 6 am or earlier and on a Sunday! WTF???

I’ll hit that snooze 2 times in the morning not wanting to get out of bed. I’ll wish I had these last 2 mornings back for extra sleep.

Kevin is making healthy burritos tonight and I’m sucking on a bloody mary right now 🙂

USA hockey beat Slovenia handily this morning.

All the laundry is done and I need to get up and do other housework….later 🙂

(Eli Needs a Drink)


(Pampered Peyton)


3 thoughts on “Panic Time?

    1. Thank you. I think it should be ok. It doesn’t hurt and I keep it protected. I emailed my plastic surgeon this morning and sent him pictures. I have an appointment with him on Friday so if he suggests that I don’t run on Saturday…I probably will anyway! haha Maybe not. I am not sure what they do to fix wound separation but hope it’s fixed soon. I’m doing great, though. Have a great day!

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