Gliding All Over

One of my favorite “Breaking Bad” episodes….I still miss that series more than any, ever even Sopranos which I loved.

Freezing rain and cars and trucks all in ditches this morning on my 40 mile trek to work. I drove slowly but many idiots did not.

I emailed Dr. Boswell this morning in regard to my separating wounds and no response yet. He is very good about answering any email that I send. I just really need to know how to tend to this area until he gets a chance to look at it on Friday. If he asked me to come in earlier than Friday, I probably would at this point even though he is 2 hours away.

It’s supposed to get 46 degrees today and in the upper 50s by the weekend! I’ll believe it when I see it.

I’m paranoid today. I emailed Dr. Boswell early this morning and hasn’t answered. Because that is unusual for him, I am thinking the worse like he doesn’t have an answer for me or that he thinks I am doing things that cause me to not heal properly. I don’t smoke, not around smokers, eat healthy (mostly), exercise and drink in moderation except for when I’m at Mardi Gras or Las Vegas! lol So what do I do? I call his office to see if he is in. Nikki told me that he was not in the office today because he is keeping his daughter who is out of school for President’s Day. That makes me feel better. I’m psycho! I’m stalking my doctor! lol Actually, I just pulled the bandages off and they look better than yesterday. Dr. Boswell is in surgery tomorrow making some other person beautiful for $$ and I’m sure he will email me when he gets a chance.

I am already dreading that damn treadmill tonight. It is warming up outside and the sun is actually shining but I’m still nervous to road run. I used to be fearless running…snow, rain! I do love running in the rain.

I’m so ready for my magnolia tree, daffodils and hyacinths to bloom! I miss my little backyard birds. With temps getting to high 50s this week, I’m hopeful spring is near. I also miss sitting in our backyard sipping wine with cheese and bread.

We are overdue to bottle our wine. We need to do this before the end of March for sure. We have homemade Strawberry wine and a beautiful looking blueberry port! I still haven’t completed my label design for “2 Bad Dogs Wine” lol

Ok, treadmill and squats plus abs tonight and then reclining to watch “The Following”.


(From Last Mardi Gras in St. Louis) HA!



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