A Brief Spring Moment

It has been a beautiful day today after a slippery day yesterday. It is 63 degrees right now! 🙂 Snow is melting and sun has been shining all day. I even went to the park at lunch and rolled a window down and listened to music for a while.

My surgeon emailed me back this morning and he said he is surprised that I have not healed. He asked me if I get enough protein which I do..70+ grams per day normally. He told me to keep it covered with sterile bandage and stop exercising until I see him. He said exercise puts stress on that hip area. He also said that I may have more sutures spitting which I do. The place does look better today. I’ll see him Friday.

My arm scars are looking better. My right arm is still my worse and I have some places in the arm pit that is red and raised but otherwise much better. It is still great to not have to use deodorant! I haven’t put deodorant on since the day before my surgery Dec 19, 2013. No stink glands and few sweat glands. I also don’t have to shave! lol

My pants/jeans are getting bigger so I must be loosing some weight. The doctor told me not worry about loosing weight and get proper calories to heal my body. He may be right. I average 1300 calories per day and that probably is not enough but I do have a few more lbs to take off. Sometimes I wonder will I ever be satisfied. I look good and feel good. I’m not fat so you’d think I would stop obsessing. I’m afraid I never will. I am terrified of getting fat again.

(Brachioplasty scar at 8 1/2 weeks)



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