Dogs are Superior to Humans

The more I live, the more I believe this is true.

Such a sad and horrid thing is to murder a child. Last night, an Amber alert came out on TV and Iphones of a 10 year old girl abducted in Springfield, MO.

They saw the man drag her into his truck and got description and license plate number. All Missourians prayed and thought that would end well and the little girl would be ok. They found her body this morning.

The man arrested is a teacher and coach.

I can’t wrap my mind around this. I was crying this morning before I left for work. Peyton and Eli came and put their heads in my lap and comforted me. I have 2 young grandchildren….

Work was busy as and I’m trying to get people hired that don’t appear to give a damn if they get a job or not. We are practically begging people to apply and come for interviews. I think it’s too much trouble to get dressed, put away world of warcraft and come in for interviews.

I’m not crazy about people right now…

USA Hockey Women going for Gold
USA Hockey Men heading for Semi Finals
Russia is out 🙂


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