Runner, Runner

For the last few weeks, I see a runner man on my street at about 5:30 am. He’s dressed in the nicest most modern running attire. He looks about 40ish and fit. He does something that drives me crazy and is dangerous to him. He must be a new runner because he runs with oncoming traffic at his back!!! Stop that! I barely see him and he wears some reflective things on his running jacket. Every experienced runner knows to run facing your oncoming traffic. And with added danger of people texting, you never trust that car coming up on your back. I almost stopped and rolled my window down this morning with that advice but didn’t want to seem know it all and bossy. But I fear for him. I know running with traffic is something we’ve always been taught but riding a bike is not like running. Maybe one day I’ll put a sign up in front of my yard warning him….if it’s not too late. From experience, I can give plenty of running advice but 2 pieces that is critical to know is: run facing your oncoming traffic (left side of the road, usually) and slow down and look when crossing driveways. People pulling out of their driveways are not always good at seeing if runners are crossing their drive.

I felt so skinny today. Today is one of those days that I am so happy that I lost the weight and had the body lift. My separating wound on my hip and backside seems to be healing. I have my doctor visit tomorrow and he said something that scared me! He said he was going suture hunting which means pain! That’s a typical reason why these type of wounds separate. Every time he does this, I almost want to hit him….I accidentally hit him last time with my elbow! Oops!

I had breakfast cereal for dinner tonight. I’ve been craving cereal all day. That means I had to drink one of those protein shots for dinner too. Those are not bad and 28 grams of protein. I can stand it if I can shoot it like a jello shot! lol

USA Hockey girls got beat by Canada 😦

USA Hockey men play Canada tomorrow at 11:00am. I won’t get to see it. Kevin an I will be on our way to St. Louis.

Run for Your Beads 5k in Soulard Saturday…..I am excited 🙂 Then, King cake and a few bloody Mary’s. I see Broadway Oyster Bar in my future.

Cheers, Big Ears… old friend from Australia used to say this to me 🙂

(Caution: Wound picture. Hip wound on top is from Tue, one on bottom from today. I think it looks like it’s healing, finally)



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