Oysters and Beads

I had my follow up appointment today with my surgeon. He didn’t think the places looked so bad on my hip and back. They did look better until he dug around in the wounds with tweezers! He was pulling the sutures that were spitting out. He said that is what is causing the wound separation. I was bleeding like crazy but I think it will help the healing. I come back in 2 weeks.

Kevin and I went to Johnny Brock’s dungeon to buy Mardi Gras beads. I love collecting weird and pretty ones. We ate dinner at the Broadway Oyster Bar…my favorite place to eat anywhere. I had oysters on the half, bloody Mary’s and Voodoo Shrimp.

We visited with the kids a while. Sadie Bug is so sweet and cute. She’s so fun to be around. Daniel is spending the night and laying right beside me watching Ben 10. I’m happiest when he is around.

I think he’s going to run with me in the 5k in the morning. He and I ran one together in November and he finished and he’s 6 🙂



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