Kids and Dogs

I had another great day. I’m still suffering a bit from my Plastic Surgeon digging out stitches that are supposed to dissolve but are causing problems and wounds from healing properly.

Kevin, Daniel and I were so tired last night that we went to be early…9:30pm ish. Kevin went to Whole Foods to make salads for he and I. He made Daniel grilled cheese and tater tots! 🙂

We woke up early and had a great day. Daniel had rocky road ice cream at the Coffee Cartel after he had pancakes for breakfast! I can’t describe how I feel about Daniel and how good it makes me feel to spend time with him.

I am still recovering from running on Saturday. I’m a pussy. lol I need to start road running this week weather permitting.

Kevin made a healthy and delicious Chili Con Carne. I’m full as a tick now.

The dogs are settled in on the couches beside me. I look forward to that every night. I know they get jealous when Daniel and Sadie are around. So I’ll give them extra loving tonight.

I’ve been enthralled with Third Reich and Hitler shit this afternoon. I am mesmerized by the actually footage of things from Germany in that time. Sick fucker.

I’m dreading work tomorrow. It’s going to be hell week there!

Peace Out…

(Daniel and Rocky Road at Coffee Cartel)


(Mommy and Eli Selfie)


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