Those Damn Facebook Drama Queens

Drama, drama
Drama, drama
I admit it, I’m a prolific facebooker. I enjoy staying in contact with friends, family, acquaintances and even make a few new friends. I never friend co-workers. I don’t want to know what they do and I certainly don’t want them to know what I do.

If not for Facebook, I’d never see or know what is going on with friends, ex co-workers, high school friends or relatives that live in other cities or states. I get to see weddings, babies, graduation etc. I enjoy Facebook. I keep up with area runners and what 5ks are going on in the city. I like occasional recipes but not the constant flood of butter and sugar soaked baked goods! Well, ok I do like those things. haha

But I can’t stand drama! And not a big fan of all those meme’s passed around and “If you love Jesus, share this” haha I don’t do those.

So….I have a Facebook loyalty dilemma. My best friend in high school married my cousin. He left her for a woman he met on Facebook. It crushed her to the point that I am not sure she can or will get over it. He’s my FB friend and so is she. He married this other woman and she has requested that I friend her. I don’t know her but I see what he posts about how much he loves his new wife. They do look happy. If I add her as a friend, my high school friend will definitely be hurt.

My surgeon told me Friday to stay on an appropriate amount of calories to maintain and don’t try to lose right now. He’s concerned about me trying to lose weight and not getting proper nourishment that helps in wound healing. I’ve added more protein to my daily intake. He also asked me to hold off on exercise other than walking right now because of where the wound is located.

I want to start running again. Saturday just wetted my appetite! But it’s still cold and since my surgery, I can’t tolerate cold. I used to do my best running in the winter but since my surgery I get so cold. Maybe it’s because the surgeon removed 12 lbs from around my mid section? haha

Anyway, maybe I’m getting lazy.


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