Portions, My Friend

Portion Guidelines
Portion Guidelines
I count my calories daily but I am not honest about portion sizes. As time goes on, my portion sizes are getting bigger and bigger. I was reading an entry another blog the other day “Why You Should Quit Trying to Lose Weight” http://guysandgoodhealth.com/2014/02/20/why-you-should-quit-trying-to-lose-weight/” and it dawned on me while I was trying to cheat the system, I was cheating myself.

When I eat a bowl of cereal, I count it as a serving and a serving is usually one cup. And if you take for instance that a cup of Mom’s Best Raisin Bran is 170 calories per cup and you fill that bowl, you are likely getting closer to 2 cups which is a difference from 170 –> 340!! Big difference!

So, back to measuring and weighing food. And I really need to leave cereal alone. I could eat it for all 3 meals several days a week. Then I have to drink my protein which I hate.

March 2 is the beginning of my “No sugar, No Junk Food” 30 day challenge. I’d start on the first but the big Mardi Gras celebration in St. Louis is on the 1st and I’m sure Hurricanes and King Cakes have sugar!

I’m about to leave work and make that long drive home to see my honey and my puppies. St. Louis Blues are playing tonight so I don’t have to spend the entire night watching “Criminal Minds.”

I “heart” Joe Mantegna

….Everyone knows that a woman can't judge measurements…. 🙂


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